Some things are just better left Simply Discrete!

Any woman knows if there is a health and beauty secret out there, we want in on it.  These are the kinds of secrets we share with only our girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters: the little intimate details that make the world of difference.

We at Simply Discrete have a secret of our own and we would like to share it with you…

“One little pink bag and the embarrassment is gone!”

So you’re probably thinking, Great! but what does that mean?  Let me explain…

Please picture yourself in this situation:

You are in a public restroom and you desperately need to change your feminine product.  You are quietly going about your business when you look up and see an obtrusive sign plastered on the door of the restroom reading, “Do not flush tampons or pads down the toilet…” Wonderful, now what?  The only garbage can in the entire room is next to the sink…and you are in the stall.  Better yet, there is a tiny can in the stall filled to the brim with objects you refuse to put your hands near.

What’s a girl to do?

Make a run for the can next to the sink with a wad of toilet paper in hand and hope    nobody sees your desperate attempt to elude embarrassment.

Put your soiled product in the stall can that is clearly a safety risk with numerous blood and urine pathogens lurking on every inch.

Fush your product down the toilet while crossing your fingers, hoping not to cause the inevitable toilet overflow.

Nope! None of the above.  Simply Discrete by Debbie has the answer.  No more embarrassing dashes to the trash can, no more spread of disease and no more awkward overflows.  Our little pink bag has you covered.  We know that there are many things o a woman’s mind, come that time of month…the dilemma of hygiene disposal doesn’t have to be one of them.

Have we gotten your attention yet?  Good!!!!

Simply Discrete by Debbie is a feminine hygiene product created for a woman, by a woman.  Lets face it ladies, our periods aren’t going anywhere, but that embarrassment of disposal is.  Simply Discrete by Debbie bags are the compact and sanitary solution to the age old dilemma of “What do I do with this soiled product?”  Simply place your soiled item in the rose scented bag, zip and toss.  It’s that easy.

It’s simply.  It’s discrete.  It’s Simply Discrete!

Our little pink bags come in two convenient sizes:

Our smaller 3 x 4 bags are made to accommodate a soiled tampon, new applicator, wrapper and a pantiliner.

Our larger 5 x 5 bags are made to accommodate varying sizes of sanitary napkins, incontinence pads, peri pads and small diapers.

All our products are small enough to stash in your purse or duffle bag, Simply Discrete by Debbie can go anywhere you go!

  • Take along while camping or traveling in your RV
  • Keep handy while hiking or biking
  • Great for girls in dorm rooms and on college campuses
  • Perfect for schools and hospitals
  • Ideal to stick in diaper bags for new moms
  • Discrete for incontinence pads
  • A must have while participating in any sports
  • Handy at a restaurant or out shopping
  • Convenient while on a cruise ship, airport or bus terminal

At home, at work or on the go, when the need is there, so is Simply Discrete…..